MF Classic Series – Nasty Banana ”Tube”

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MF Classic Series – Nasty Banana ”Tube”.

The Banana Fly concept has been popular ever since Micke Andersson showed the world how good the dirty yellow fly could be. For me personally I fished my Scott and Moonshine fly long before I created this version. I tinted it to the olive side and pimped it a bit classic style with the dyed teal hackle. I prefer to fish this in the humus coloured river when I need a discrete fly to stand out a bit more than my overall favourite Pahtakorva. I seldom fish them bigger than 8 cm or smaller than 4, for me it’s a medium sized fly.

Tubfluga, Strl 6 – 10.

– Medium broad profile
– Tungsten 1/2 turbo cone
– M FITS tubing for fixed hook
– Balanced modern swimmer
– Beautiful drop form
– Synthetic jungle cock

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Storlek :

6 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm