C&F Design Lanyard with Universal System Fly Patch (S-LY)

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C&F Design Lanyard with Universal System Fly Patch (S-LY).

A lanyard is combined with a small size universal fly patch with a convenient form changer.

Use the attached snaps to hang your favorite accessories such as clippers and floatants.

A dedicated tippet holder that can be used through the leader material spool is also included, so you can enjoy fishing lightly with this alone.

By attaching a landing net or license holder (sold separately) behind your neck, you can reduce the burden on your neck and use it in a well-balanced manner.

  • A fly patch with form changer is included
  • Snaps for various accessories are standard equipment
  • With a dedicated tippet holder, you can carry around 3 tippets (The number varies depending on the manufacturer)
  • Weight: 71.5g