Kinetic DryGaiter Vadarpaket

DryGaiter Breathable Wader

The modern and unique DryGaiter breathable waders are to be found in two colors. With mod- ern ideas comes modern design and colors. Camo wader´s doesn´t just look cool, they are perfect for ”sniper fishing” for suspicious specimens like carp, pike, salmon or trout. Together with our AquaSkin jackets, your not just comfortable, but effective and almost invisible to the fish. Features like the Dusty Green waders.

DryGaiter Breathable Wader

If you prefer classic colors and great waders, we made these 3-layers DryGaiter Dusty Green for you! With a classic design and extra reinforcements at the legs, we have kept the smooth mid section for great movability and lightweight travel. One big front pockets with YKK zippers and adjustable shoulder straps and belt with YKK buckles. Ergonomic left & right neoprene socks ensures a perfect fit!

  • Superb quality and features
  • Classic design
  • Great movability
  • Sewn gravel guards with hook
  • One size for everybody

Rock Gaiter Wading Boot

A basic and durable wading boot. This boot really offer value for money. It will protect your feet at all the right places. The fibers used for the upper are really strong and can take a lot of pun- ishment from rocks and gravel. The boots are light and therefore perfect if you want to travel and you have to keep weight down. Strong and long lasting felt sole.