Frödin Heron Hackle Feather Pack

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Frödin Heron Hackle Feather Pack.

In our search for the best materials possible we also found a unique source for white heron hackles, a very hard to get feather that is almost impossible to find a good substitute for. These feathers are for a few of our favorite spey flies such as the Thunder Spey, Silver Doctor Spey but also to get more action to other patterns. A heron hackle gives the fly a very special stile with few fibers but lots of life! Mikael prefer to fish these special flies without a wing or with just a short mallard wing tied in low.

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– 1 x Small SOS Organizing Wallet
– 10 x dyed black
– 10 x dyed lion colour
– 10 x dyed deep purple
– 10 x dyed scarlet red
– 10 x dyed light blue
– 10 x dyed chartreuse green
– 10 x dyed hot magenta
– 10 x dyed burnt orange
– 10 x dyed golden yellow