Frödin FITS Original Tubing

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Frödin FITS Original Tubing.

This is the original, the tubing that Mikael Frödin and Håkan Norling have used since the early 80’s. This is the tubing that changed the use and looks of tube flies forever. It’s adapted to all kinds of modern tube flies, more flexible and durable than any other tubing material. The tubing comes in four diameters; XS fits in M and S in L. 12 different colours in four diameters give almost endless possibilities. No matter you tie big or small flies, with or without cones, fish loose hook or fixed. There is only one original and the FITS Tubing is simply the best there is.


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Clear XS, Clear Small, Clear Medium, Clear Large, Black XS, Black Small, Black Medium, Black Large, Gold XS, Gold Small, Gold Medium, Gold Large, Silver XS, Silver Small, Silver Medium, Silver Large, Bronze XS, Bronze Small, Bronze Medium, Bronze Large, Fl Orange XS, Fl Orange Small, Fl Orange Medium, Fl Orange Large, Fl Yellow XS, Fl Yellow Small, Fl Yellow Medium, Fl Yellow Large, Fl Chartreuse XS, Fl Chartreuse Small, Fl Chartreuse Medium, Fl Chartreuse Large, FL Magenta XS, Fl Magenta Small, Fl Magenta Medium, Fl Magenta Large, Glow XS, Glow Small, Glow Medium, Glow Large, Fl Blue XS, Fl Blue Small, Fl Blue Medium, Fl Blue Large, Pearl White XS, Pearl White Small, Pearl White Medium, Pearl White Large